My story continues…

At a career workshop, we talked about the old phrase “It’s not about what you know it’s who you know.” The guest speaker named Damion brought up the fact that in reality it’s not about who you know, it’s who you are. When it comes to personal branding I have been told many times to tell my story.

Reading Stuart Atkins’s blog Story Marketing: Be Different Rather Than Better I asked myself, what makes me different. In the few interviews I have been asked to explain what makes me different. This idea of a brand called me is where I need to focus when looking for jobs. So now what is my story? And how should I tell it?

Some questions based on Atkins’s blog:

  • What makes me different?
  • What does it mean to your business?
  • How are my ideas, founding, and services different?

So what makes me different?

I am one of many CSUF business students but the way I think and apply knowledge may differ. My experiences with customers from all over the world have shaped me to think outside the box. In marketing we learn that the customer comes first, how I put them first is by learning a simple phrase in as many languages possible. Working at South Coast Plaza, I am able to great those from Iran, Iraq, Quebec, France, China, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, and Mexico. The list will only continue to grow because these clients appreciate the difference in customer service. Little things like finding the likes and interests of a customer allows me to earn their trust and retain them.

By story did not start nor will it end here. I want to continue being different and market that to future employers as I enter the real full time work force.

This marketing journey is endless so it is essential that I keep up with the times.

Thank You for taking the time to read my blog.

Always blessed,

Novella Whidbee

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