Developing My Own Website

Apart of my class assignment for my internet marketing course is to build a website. Going through various websites that I enjoy, I started to wonder what makes those sites so good that I always return back to them. So during the reading of my internet marketing text book I came across a chapter about developing and maintaining effective websites. It makes sense to use an advertising approach obtaining the attention, interest, desire, and action of the user. The following are the steps listed in the book when developing a website:

  1. Establish site objectives
  2. Identify and describe target market
  3. Design site content and navigation structure
  4. Conduct usability tests
  5. Deploy and tune site
  6. Measure and evaluate site effectiveness
  7. Refine and improve site effectiveness

As I go through building my personal website I made sure to first consider the objectives. The site will be an online personal resume that I could send to potential employers. Therefore I will need to make sure I include my work experiences in a professional manner.

Next I must consider my target employer. I would like to be hired by a marketing firm or a marketing department of a company. Therefore my site should display things that these companies may be looking for.

So now the content is where I could take steps one and two into action. I want to make sure my marketing skills are straight forward and easy to read as a future employer navigates my page. I’ll list my marketing experiences that showcase my capabilities.

To test the usability’s I could review the analytics to check the bounce rates and see what areas people view the most.

After the tests are done I could adjust accordingly. My goal is that the most important content is listed at the top of the fold as I examined in my previous blog post about how users read the web.

The last steps as well as the previous one will constantly be in rotation. The goal to maintain an effective website. As visitors’ likes and interests change over time, I need to adjust my website accordingly.

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