Celebrities on Social Media

There has been a growing trend in celebrities using social media. My initial thought was that they are just like the rest of us and enjoy connecting with friends and family. But if you take a closer look, they are a brand. Take a look at Kevin Hart and Beyoncé for instance. Kevin Hart initially had a following with his acting career but he is the perfect example of one who uses the internet to increase his brand awareness. The actor/singer/producer has now reached a target market all over the world by posting entertaining YouTube videos about his life ventures and those videos get shared on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. Bringing awareness to the brand called Kevin. This way he connected with more followers and broke the record for the best opening for a comedy concert ever.

Now for Beyoncé, she also has a large following. A few months ago she broke the iTunes record as the fastest selling album by advertising her surprise album on Instagram. As soon as her video was posted people were instantly sharing and posting about it within minutes. The powerful thing is that it did not take a long advertising campaign by a separate company, she was able to do her own marketing and succeed. She targeted identified users and those users did the rest of the work buy commenting hashtags on their own pages attracting unidentified users.

Celebrities should continue maintaining relationships with their fans via social media. As a fan it lets me into their personal lives allowing me to find a deeper connection like when Kevin Hart posts videos with him and his daughter at the father daughter dance or when Beyoncé posts a picture with her child. Before we would her stories in the media or watch interviews on talk shows. Now celebrities can reach their market directly and faster than ever.



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