“All signs at the moment point to mobile…” –Brian Solis

“All signs at the moment point to mobile…” –Brian Solis

If you haven’t already, check out the article Forget about Social Media for a moment. What’s your mobile strategy? As an internet user I forget to take notice to how my own ways of research has changed. Yes I have a desktop, tablet, and a smartphone but do I use one more than the other? There is a growing trend of smartphone and tablet users that website designers need to pay attention to. Bryan Solis explains that mobile users were minorities of the internet but now there is a shift. By this year 90 million people will own a tablet. Therefor there needs to be a mobile strategy implemented into many businesses.

Before when using my cellphone, there was no mobile view option to browse the web. I remember how frustrating it was to navigate webpage so I could see the entire window on a small screen. Well fortunately, business have taken not of that because now I see more and more websites that are easier to view on my phone so I don’t have to get out of my bed to use my desktop. Our mobile devices are attached to us 24/7 so it is always convenient to know I can get any information, pay my bills, or watch videos right out of my pocket.

Now from a business stand point Brian brings up a perfect example of a company who struggles with this shift. Facebook does have a mobile function that I tend to access myself. Little did I know, they struggle with profits due to the fact that more Facebook users are on mobile devices rather than desktops. Facebook profits from their advertisements but it is more difficult to have the same amount of ads on mobile devices without effecting the mobility factors.

So the app market appears to be where the money is at. Brian explains apps as being their own internet. From experience apps have definitely been more user friendly than actual mobile websites. For instance my chase mobile app offers the same features as the website but functions like chase quick pay or transfer are a lot quicker to access.

The mobile market is growing fast and as I get into the working world I will definitely keep this article in mind. My professor Stuart Atkins can’t stress enough the importance of mobility. I thank him for his insights as well.

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