Learning About Email Marketing

Every morning I check my email and go through all important messages and then I view the occasional marketing emails. Although I did subscribe to receive them, they still could be a nuisance. One could assume that emails are all spam with no response and a low return on investments. The truth is email marketing is cheaper, the results are quicker and the response rates are higher than direct mail.

In Stuart Aitkin’s article Email Marketing, Social Media, & Mobile on Equal Ground that he believes e-mail was the first social media tool. He also makes a valid point that e-mail marketing can be effective when social media and mobile marking are brought together and integrated. 

Currently in my Marketing course, I am developing a marketing plan for a not for profit called Child Hope Alliance. The director has asked my group to come up with an email marketing plan that could be integrated with social media. I have definitely took this diagram that was based on Peppers and Rogers Group expertise from the Internet Marketing Integrating Online & Offline Strategies text book into consideration.


They currently base emails off of whoever is on the email list and post twice a month about general information about campaigns, volunteers and case manager. What should happen is first more customer data like volunteer history, donor history, etc. From there we could derive more customer insight. For example, those who donate may need more incentives to help fund Project Hope Alliance. Understanding those triggers will allow the organization to create effective content that will result in a donation, Facebook like, Facebook share, etc. Then we could evaluating responses to gain further customer insight. There are analytics out there that show how many people may open the emails and click on plugins with in the text. Fortunately, the not-for-profit uses a service called Constant Contact, which is a great way to measure results of your campaigns. The overall plan will be based on the basic concepts in hopes to reach out to more volunteers, donors, and those who need the services of Project Hope Alliance. Learning more about the e-mail marketing concepts only enhances my plan.



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